Also, just wanted to say thank you to all those involved that

wcefan u

canada goose shop uk 1 point submitted 6 months agoI believe you are correct. SSL cert is only required for canada goose jacket outlet uk ADFS. After reading that technet article, I think the SSL canada goose factory outlet vancouver cert is still required on on prem mailbox servers.When configuring a hybrid deployment, you must use and configure certificates that you have purchased from a trusted third party CA. The certificate used for hybrid secure mail transport must be installed on all on premises Mailbox (Exchange 2016 and newer), and Mailbox and Client Access (Exchange 2013 and older) servers. 2 points submitted 1 canada goose outlet reviews year canada goose outlet jackets agoAs others have goose outlet canada said, you still have to manage the mailboxes, it just the back end infrastructure and software upgrades/maintenance that you no longer have to worry about.I would check your local laws and company policies regarding storing data off site. I canada goose outlet locations in toronto know some financial institutions really do not want their data being stored on other people servers.I done a few migrations from exchange to o365 including a canada goose outlet paypal large hybrid setup (1200 users on office365, 300 users on prem). I like it, just make sure you have some powershell knowledge (or start learning it) as you want to use it for things like bulk licensing and more advanced exchanges tasks that you can perform in the GUI.joebeem 2 points submitted 1 year agoJust to update I didn realize there was a wealth of information regarding this issue just a few threads down.I followed /u/wcefan script setup and rebooted as I had a canada goose outlet miami gut instinct I might have botched something in there/seems others had kind of similar issues.I then relogged into plex and selected the media folder, Tv shows, and canada goose factory outlet toronto location it canada goose outlet 2015 seems to have gotten canada goose outlet online store me a little closer.Prior to editing the script, there was nothing in the media folder besides the Movies and TV Shows directories. After drilling down further into TV, i noticed the show i uploaded earlier that successfully encrypted / synced was appearing in canada goose outlet 80 off plex! I am playing canada goose outlet price the episode right now from the cloud!This is awesome, thank you so much.joebeem canada goose outlet las vegas 1 point submitted 1 year agoSorry again if this is a dumb question, but Is the remount script, and the other for that matter, something you manually run or is it like the other script in that it executes on start up?I would really like to try this implementation on my setup as my acd directory seems to unmount after removing contents that rclone already uploaded to acd.Even if I manually attempt an acdcli sync after this step, it does not appear to work. The actual command “acdcli canada goose outlet us sync” does not give an error and actually appears as if it is working where I receive the generating nodes, success, etc. For the moment, the only way I can have plex work again after using rclone and removing files is to reboot the vps. I don necessarily canada goose outlet sale think canada goose outlet parka it canada goose outlet toronto location the worst workaround as I mostly am using this for personal use, but I just haven been able to put it all together yet to find out why the acdcli sync cmd is not working.I extremely new to linux, but find it really interesting.I was actually looking into the common ways that these types of setups are maintained just a little while ago, but canada goose outlet uk go to this website I don quite understand them yet.I am going to attempt to modify the scripts to work in my scenario, which seems pretty similar to yours anyway and might not be difficult at all lol.Also, just wanted to say thank you to all those involved that pass on knowledge to others regarding this stuff. I can say even though I am still new to linux, I already learned more than I ever knew about it. I sure many others feel the same way. Thanks!wcefan 1 point submitted 1 year agoWhat you described is pretty much the same issue I was having, which is why I modified the UploadTV script to call upon the remount script. Although since I made all the changes to the uploadTV script (other than just the remount), the ACD mount hasn dropped once.I by no means an expert on Linux but I been toying with linux VPS for quite a while (WordPress, LAMP, VPN Servers, etc) and I fairly familiar with bash scripting from my Mac Admin days.

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