By the age of 27 he canada goose coats on sale had had heart

canada goose Markus Rothkranz says heal yourself and heal the world

Canada Goose Outlet Who is Markus Rothkranz?Markus Rothkranz is a film maker, an artist, a model maker, a designer, but also a motivational speaker and an expert on living on raw and healthy foods. He has worked on many Hollywood films including Total Recall but has branched off to make his own productions and has the ambitious venture of aiming to heal the world.

canada goose coats Markus suffered very bad health when he was much younger and in fact says he nearly died. By the age of 27 he canada goose coats on sale had had heart problems, liver problems, had very bad sight and had suffered all Canada Goose Online sorts of serious illnesses but he found a way to change all that.

Markus Rothkranz discovered how to become fully fit and to actually reverse the ageing process, and now at the age of 48 canada goose black friday sale with a slim figure and bursting with energy he astounds people when he tells them how old he is.

canada goose clearance sale Markus Rothkranz’s secretLike so many people, who have discovered the health giving secrets of eating a raw food diet, Markus Rothkranz has found that by eating only fresh fruit and vegetables that he could become well and stay well. But Markus also realised that the best source of nutrients for our bodies could be gathered for free. Wild plants that are canadian goose jacket often regarded as weeds contain the balance buy canada goose jacket cheap of minerals and vitamins our bodies need.

cheap Canada Goose Markus says that God has provided us with everything we uk canada goose need to keep healthy right where we are and Canada Goose Outlet it doesn’t have to cost us a lot of money spent at health stores. Instead we can go out and gather the cheap canada goose uk plants we need.

Canada Goose sale Markus Rothkranz makes a smoothie from wild plants and fruit and vegetables he has and drinks this each day. He eats the canada goose flowers and leaves of weeds growing in his garden. He puts Canada Goose Coats On Sale some in a blender along with chopped up fruit such as pineapple or whatever he has around.

buy canada goose jacket Of course we do need to learn what plants are safe to eat, what they are recommended for, and we must take care not to gather them from places where they can be polluted with toxic traffic fumes or have been sprayed with a pesticide or herbicide.

canada goose store As an example of an ideal uk canada goose outlet wild food, Markus says that the dandelion provides a perfect food canada goose uk outlet source. This is a common plant that everyone knows.

Markus abstains from drinking alcohol and smoking, and he doesn’t take drugs of any kind. He has never touched recreational drugs and gave up pharmaceutical ones many years back when he discovered his pathway to glowing health.

He also thinks it is important to focus on the good things in life and that we need the body, mind and spirit all in harmony and in their best possible states of being.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Markus Rothkranz’s philosophies on lifeMarkus Rothkranz is a very spiritual and Canada Goose Jackets philosophical man and a visionary thinker in many ways. He believes that if we first heal ourselves then we can go out and heal others. This is what he is aiming to do on a very big canada goose clearance scale. Markus Rothkranz is aiming to heal the world!

Canada Goose Jackets Markus thinks that if people see canada goose factory sale how fit, happy and energetic another person is they will want to know how they achieved this. The information on how to be very healthy will spread that way, by example.

Markus has pointed out that animals don’t get the diseases that humans Canada Goose Parka suffer from like heart disease and diabetes if they are living in the wild. They only get these illnesses when they are being fed by people and are not getting the raw foods they would naturally eat.

Canada Goose Parka He uses many examples to illustrate his beliefs and ideas. Markus asks what will we canada goose store get if we plant some pasta, bread or processed cereal in the ground? The answer is mould because the foods are dead. But by contrast if we plant an apple then the seeds will germinate and can produce apple trees. The difference is that the apple is alive. This is a very good and understandable reason why we should eat raw foods.

canada goose deals God is a WomanMarkus Rothkranz has many ideas about the nature of the universe and he has also said that he believes that God is a woman. He points out that an ant colony is run by a queen canada goose uk black friday ant.

canada goose clearance Markus isn’t saying that you should make a religion out of being healthy and eating raw foods only though because cheap Canada Goose he says we should all go out and have fun and do stuff that we enjoy. He admits he himself goes to restaurants with friends on occasion but he is careful with what he orders and says he usually chooses several canada goose sale of the side dishes.

Clean up our insidesHe stresses that we need to clean up our insides, that we need clean colons, and that foods like cheese clog them up. He says that he believes that our internal organs like the liver and kidneys are not just there canada goose clearance sale to help process food but are actually energy converters. They Canada Goose online process energy but cannot do so very well if clogged up with toxic Canada Goose sale pollution from what we have eaten and drank.

canada goose coats on sale Markus Rothkranz is very much about getting us to ask questions and to think. He is canada goose coats offering workable solutions to how people can become happy and healthy. He is leading by example and as a role model. Do you feel inspired to follow?

canada goose black friday sale pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

I do love one that looks like he practices what he preaches. Nothing worse than going to a beautician who has a head of messy hair. This eating wild food sounds intriguing. He has inspired me to make some changes!

Canada Goose online What a good message Markus has for us all. I do use dandelions, nettles in the spring, fresh herbs from my buy canada goose jacket garden in the summer and blackberries, hawthorn leaves and berries in the fall. They canada goose uk shop really work in a general beneficial way and I look forward to the spring again after the winter. It’s great to use things so close and I’m glad that he is promoting all this and more.

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