Each time, it is anything but fun for Zoe, and it ends in

my kid hates your kid

canada goose coats on sale I having a problem https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com with a mommy stalker. She calls once or twice a week wanting to know if Zoe can have a play date canada goose coats with her daughter. She corners me across town asking about a play date. Every two weeks or so, I get an email about guessed it play canada goose clearance sale date.

Maybe you gotten the idea that I not excited about a play date. That I avoiding it. That I not a fan cheap canada goose uk of this mom and her daughter. You be correct. I just wish the mom would get the hint and back off, because there is no way Zoe is playing with her daughter any time soon.

Before you think I a snotty, mean Canada Goose sale mom, please hear me out.

Zoe has played several times with this girl, whom I call The Little Imp. The play dates all entailed fear and tears.

canadian goose jacket Please allow me to recall the first play date: We at The Little Imp house. Her mom is Canada Goose Coats On Sale in the kitchen making lunch for the kids. I helping until I hear Zoe scream. I go into the family room to investigate. The Little Imp hit Zoe but no biggie, preschoolers have been known to hit each other. The Little Imp is reprimanded. The mom and I go back into the kitchen.

canada goose About five minutes later, I hear another scream. Repeat above scenario.

canada goose clearance sale By the third scream, I thinking we should leave. I make up some excuse. The mom sees through it and begs us to stay: The Little Imp loves Zoe. The Little Imp canada goose uk shop is lonely. The Little Imp is just having a bad day.

canada goose store OK. But this time I go into the room with Zoe and The Little Imp. Zoe is on one side of the room playing with a toy. The Little Imp is sitting on a window seat and staring at me. Our eyes meet. She grins, as do I.

The Little Imp is still smiling when she shrieks buy canada goose jacket and grabs her arm. Then she runs into the kitchen, crying: Zoe hit me. Zoe hit me. Zoe never stopped playing with her toy.

My first thought is: Wow, I had no idea a 3 year old girl could be so calculating.

Then I feel mad at The Little Imp for blaming my kid. I want to rush into the kitchen and tell the mom that her daughter is a liar bully.

buy canada goose jacket cheap But I stay calm. She just a kid, I tell myself.

Canada Goose Jackets I feel awkward. I a guest in their home. I a mom and, therefore, a role model to the girls. I resist my urge to sling accusations, to call The Little Imp canada goose clearance names or to outlet leave in a huff. However, I want the mom to be aware of her daughter behavior. Canada Goose Parka But I not comfortable pulling the mom aside to talk because that would require leaving the two girls alone in a room. Also, I don want to insult the mom, whom I would like a lot if we weren in this mom situation.

So I mumble an excuse and Zoe and I leave.

canada goose black friday sale On the ride home, Zoe calls The Little Imp a girl. She tells me she doesn like her, and she doesn want to go to The canadian goose jacket Little Imp house ever again.

Canada Goose Outlet Later that day, I have a brief phone conversation uk canada goose outlet with The Little Imp mom. I polite. I don want to sound accusatory or judgmental. I been on the other side of disaster play dates. Zoe has hit, refused to share and thrown tantrums. I know the mom also is going through a hard time with her two older kids. I want to be compassionate know how hard parenting is I no expert and I don want to come across as condescending.

Canada Goose online But I tell canada goose store the mom what happened. She is not buy canada goose jacket cheap surprised. She apologizes. She sounds embarrassed.

A few weeks later, we try another play date with The Little Imp. Bad idea. The two girls again at picnics and parties hosted by mutual friends. Each time, it is anything but fun for Zoe, and it ends in tears.

Maybe I should have ended the play dates sooner. Maybe I should give it a few months and try again. As moms, we have to protect our kids. But when is too much?

canada goose clearance I believe kids need to experience hurt Canada Goose online feelings canada goose coats on sale and disappointment (as much as it pains me to see my girl upset). Kids need to fight with their friends and, most of the time, figure out resolutions on their own. For instance, Zoe takes a canada goose black friday sale ballet tap tumbling class on Saturday mornings; there a girl with auburn hair whom she dislikes.

The dance instructor will say some innocuous canada goose uk outlet statement Canada Goose Jackets such as: time to get a sip of water. prompts Zoe and her nemesis to go back and forth in annoying, whiny voices.

canada goose coats Zoe: going to get a drink of water. I going to get water. dance instructor will say: hello to your mommy. going to wave hello to my mommy. I going canada goose uk black friday to wave hello to my mommy. mommy is better. my mommy is better. this case, both girls grate on each other. Both girls instigate and both girls keep it up. On the drive to and from dance class, Zoe tells me she doesn like the girl with auburn hair.

cheap Canada Goose I let her talk but in my head, I thinking: Tough. Just deal.

What I say to Zoe is that she doesn have to like everyone but she does have to be civil.

buy canada goose jacket Another mom at the dance studio suggested that we put Zoe and the girl with auburn hair in separate classes. canada goose factory sale But I not going to. Zoe uk canada goose has to learn to co exist with people she doesn like. Haven we all had a co worker or a neighbor or some other person with whom we could do without?

It a fine line: With The Little Imp, I Canada Goose Online intervened; with the girl with auburn hair, I doing nothing.

Canada Goose Parka Do tell: Has your kid ever strongly disliked another kid? What did cheap Canada Goose you canada goose do? When do you intervene?

Canada Goose sale Also, have you ever had your own mommy stalker? I not talking about anything creepy or psycho another post altogether; I referring to the mom who annoys, persists and just can take Canada Goose Outlet a hint.

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