Expansion will go hand in hand with 2017 launch of 3 Series

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payday advance Before that, in six months’ time, the UK’s Supercharger network will be hooked up with the rest of Europe, so you’ll be able to cross the Channel and drive to the South of France, for example, or to the Alps for a skiing trip, without spending a penny on petrol.UK supercharger network road mapOur map and key show how Tesla plans to roll out its hi tech Supercharger network in the UK and Ireland over the next 18 months. Expansion will go hand in hand with 2017 launch of 3 Series rivalling Model III, opening up the brand to a new market.Given its bold expansion plans and pioneering technology, it’s easy to see why Tesla is the brand everyone is talking about, from California to Cardiff. In fact, when we broke the world exclusive story that a smaller, more affordable Tesla saloon, due in 2017, would be called the Model III, overnight it became the most read story on Auto Express online ever.While driving from London to Birmingham and back in just a few hours is a new experience in an electric car, the Model S should be familiar by now payday advance.

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