” He’s referring here to a stun gun

An Arkansas man complained about police abuse

cheap moncler outlet That’s fair enough. But what does it say about the system when the cops gets away with their bad behavior? What if, despite video footage clearly showing that the cops are in the wrong, cheap moncler coats sheriffs and police chiefs cover for them, anyway? What if local prosecutors moncler outlet sale do, too? What if even mayors and city attorneys get into the act? cheap moncler outlet

Adam Finley had such an interaction with a bad cop. He was roughed up, sworn at and handcuffed. When he tried to file a complaint, he was hit with criminal charges. The local police chief turned Finley’s wife against him, which (according to both Finley and her) eventually ended their marriage. The fact moncler mens jackets that video of the incident should have vindicated him didn’t seem to matter.

moncler factory outlet Finley’s trouble first reported bythe Jonesboro Sun and Stan Morris at NEA Report began in December 2016 in Walnut Ridge, Ark. It’s a small town of about 5,000 in the northeast part of the state its charmingly humble claim to fame is that the Beatles once changed planes there. Officer Matthew Mercado of the Walnut Ridge Police Department pulled Finley cheap moncler over, near the railroad yard where Finley works. But Finley hadn’t committed any traffic cheap moncler outlet infraction. Instead, Mercado apparently suspected that Finley didn’t really work for the railroad and therefore was trespassing, or perhaps engaged in some sort of criminal mischief. moncler factory outlet

moncler jackets outlet The encounter quickly escalated. But as you can see in the video below, the escalation was entirely due to Mercado’s behavior, not Finley’s. moncler jackets outlet

Mercado didn’t turn on the audio for his camera until about 30 seconds into the stop. During that time, the video shows Finley handing Mercado both his license and his employee ID from the railroad company. Mercado then asks Finley to get out of his truck. It’s here that Mercado cheap moncler jackets then turns on his mic. He asks Finley, “What’s with the attitude?” Finley, who appears to have done nothing to indicate an “attitude,” replies, “Nothing.”

moncler outlet store Mercado persists. “No, you have an attitude. What’s your problem?” Finley responds, “I don’t have no problem, I’m good.” Mercado again pushes. “I can pull you over if I want.” Finley says, “That’s fine.” moncler outlet store

Later Mercado again expresses doubt about Finley’s buy moncler jackets employment again, despite having Finley’s employee ID in his own hands. “It doesn’t look like you were working,” he says. As he says this, Finley takes a small step away from the truck. Mercado snaps, “If you get up on me again, we’re going to have problems.” Finley, clearly taken aback at the escalation, flashes a nervous smile. Mercado again ratchets moncler sale outlet up the tension. “I’m glad you think all of this is a joke, sir Cheap Moncler Jackets .” Finley shakes his head and again tells Mercado moncler outlet store that he works for the railroad. Mercado again indicates that he doesn’t believe him.

cheap moncler jackets Mercado then orders Finley to put his hands behind his back, and says he’s going to arrest him for “obstructing my operation.” Finley, clearly nervous, protests and tries to prove to Mercado that he works for the railroad by showing him some equipment in the back of his truck. At this point the stop turns violent. Mercado grabs Finley and throws him against the truck. Finley puts his hands behind his back. Mercado cuffs him and says, “You’re about ignorant.” He then again shoves Finley into the truck, this time with enough force to dislodge his own body camera, which falls to the ground. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler Over the course of the next several minutes, Mercado repeatedly uses profanity, lectures to Finley as if he were a child moncler outlet online and claims that Finley is “hostile and aggressive.” Throughout all of this, Finley is remarkably calm, insisting over and over that he works for the railroad, and that he doesn’t understand why he was pulled over. cheap moncler

Mercado ultimately released Finley without arresting him, likely after finally realizing that Finley really did work for the railroad and had done nothing wrong. But before he does, he issued multiple threats and allegations. At one point he tells Finley, “The next time moncler sale I tell you something, you’re going to ride lightning.” He’s referring here to a stun gun. Later he warns,”Don’t later on try to complain that I roughed you up or anything like that, because you know I should take your ass to jail.” He also falsely accuses Finley of “assaulting a peaceofficer.” For good measure, just before walking away, Mercado asks, “Did we learn anything today, Adam?” Finley responds, “Yeah. I learned a lot.” This is undoubtedly true.

But the lessons would keep coming. Finley and his wife later went to the Walnut Ridge Police Department to file a complaint. Instead of taking the complaint, Police Chief Chris Kirksey and Sgt. Matt Cook interrogated and scolded Finley. Cook then wrote Finley two citations for “refusal to submit” and “obstructing governmental operations https://www.thebeastmark.com .” Note that Mercado didn’t feel compelled to cite Finley. It was only after Finley attempted to file a complaint about Mercado’s behavior that Mercado’s supervisors hit him with two misdemeanors. (Note: The Walnut Ridge Police Department declined to comment, citing Finley’s lawsuit. A WRPD officer also relayed my request for comment to Kirksey, who also declined.)

moncler outlet online At moncler outlet one point during the interaction, Finley left the room, leaving Kirksey alone with Finley’s wife, Heather. At one point after Adam Finley left, Kirksey said,”From what I saw, he’s lucky he isn’t going to jail.” Heather responded, “Who? Adam? For what?”"What did he do?” moncler outlet online

moncler sale outlet “He interfered with a law enforcement officer’s investigation ” moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet uk “How did he do that?” moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet sale ” Well, when you watch the video, you’ll find out.” moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler jackets sale Again, the video shows nothing of the kind. Perhaps that’s how Kirksey managed to turn Finley’s own wife against him. She said to Kirksey, “Well, there’s probably more to it than what he I don’t know what he did, he gets a little ” cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler sale “Does he get irate?”At that point Finley returned, and the two stopped talking. The full exchange begins at about the 8:00 mark in the video cheap moncler sale below. “I’m sure they had their problems, like any marriage. But I think that was definitely the main thing that did it,” says AdamFinley’s attorney, Mark Rees. moncler sale

Finley’s case then went to the office ofThird Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce, who assigned it to deputy prosecutor Ryan Cooper. Again, despite the video, Cooper moved forward with the charges against Finley. He took the case all the way to trial.

moncler outlet When the lawsuit went public,local media outlets filed open records requests for video of the traffic stop and any records related to it. Morris, a former newspaper reporter who runs what is essentially a one man operation (NEA stands for Northeast Arkansas), had been particularly dogged in pursuing the story, filing multiple open records requests, poring through the results on his Web based program, then asking Walnut Ridge officials to answer for what he had found. moncler outlet

moncler outlet jackets At one point, Morris said, Kirksey called him in to his office and pleaded with him not to publish anything about the incident. “He had Mercado in there with him,” Morris said in a telephone interview. “Mercado said he made a mistake by using the f word and apologized. But they also told me that the video would show that Finley was wrong” just as Kirksey had done with Finley’s wife. moncler outlet jackets

When Morris finally saw the video, he felt deceived. “It definitely helped me understand what that meeting was really about,” he said. “I think they knew that this would be a big problem for them, and they tried to mislead me.”

cheap moncler coats After he sent his open records request, city attorney Nancy Hall texted Morris to fill him in on some additional information about Finley that he had been the subject of a protective order from his first wife. “I hadn’t asked for anything about that,” Morris said. “I thought it was completely irrelevant. They were trying to make him look violent.” He later learned that Hall was the personal attorney for Finley’s first wife during the divorce. “That seemed like a conflict of interest. I asked Finley about the order. I still didn’t think it was relevant. But he made a persuasive case that it was all a misunderstanding.” cheap moncler coats

Morris later obtained a copy of Mercado’s police report on the original traffic stop and noted a number of contradictions between the two. Among them:.

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