If you get close enough to one

What we do know is that the huge masses of black holes (anywhere from tens to millions of times the mass of our sun) bend space time in extreme ways, which is why illustrations often make them look like deep cosmic funnels. If you get close enough to one, you will certainly experience its powerful gravitational force, which is why astronomers see stars orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. But the gravitational tug is just like that of any other object dependent on mass, and distance and it’s not special just because it’s caused by a black hole.

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With so much interest, it might be surprising how tentatively tech driven efforts have entered the $3.5 trillion (roughly Rs. 24.7 lakh crores) health care industry. After three years, IBM’s AI driven Watson for Oncology not only had not delivered new insights on cancer treatments, but also in some instances even recommended unsafe and incorrect treatments.

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This small item could be a lifesaver literally. Kept near the driver’s seat via velcro or double sided tape, it can allow you to break a window if you end up underwater or otherwise trapped in your car, and can also cut the seatbelt (a notoriously tough bit of fabric, for obvious reasons) quickly. Time is of the essence when you’re short on air, the car is on fire, or other danger looms.

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