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Why Obama Will Probably Be Low

moncler factory outlet President Obama’s sole historical distinction (other than killing Al Qaeda leaders) is his health care plan, which he, personally, botched, as will here be described by providing a history of how he botched his Presidency’s signature “achievement.” moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale When he campaigned for President in 2008, one of his highest polled promises was to institute a “public option.” The public option even had the support of physicians. physicians. “Overall, a majority of respondents (62.9%) supported [the availability of both] public and private options.. Only 27.3% supported offering private options only [the existing type of options].” An additional 9.6% of respondents preferred “Public Options Only.” Physicians knew how cheap moncler sale much paperwork, and how arbitrary the requirements were, that private insurance companies placed upon doctors, and how unpredictable private insurers were in deciding whether or not to pay charges. The End Result May Be a Financial ‘Bonanza’.” That’s because insurers would now get government to force more Americans to purchase health insurance, but insurers wouldn’t have to worry about competition from a government operated insurance plan (such as Medicare, VA, etc.) far more efficient than private insurance companies. cheap moncler jackets sale

The government should ‘offer everyone a government administered health insurance plan,’ by 66% 27%.

moncler outlet online Insurers should have to cover anyone regardless of medical history, by 76% 19%. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet jackets It is true that 68% of people think that health care reform could limit their access to treatment; but 66% are concerned that without reform, they could lose coverage at some point. moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler outlet Similarly, 76% think that health care reform could increase their taxes; but 75% think that without reform, the cost of their health care will go up. cheap moncler outlet

moncler jacket sale In other words, although there indeed was a “Growing Unease on Health Plan” (due to the Republican and corporate propaganda campaign about fictitious “death panels,” etc., and not as this conservative newspaper was implying: because people didn’t want healthcare in America to be handled more in the way it’s handled in the world’s other democracies), the American people nonetheless still overwhelmingly supported the public health insurance option that Senator Obama and other Democratic Presidential candidates had been putting forth during their Presidential campaigns. Not only had the NYT’s report, concerning the NYT’s own poll, left a misleading, indeed false, impression, by omitting these crucial findings, which presented a very different picture, but President Obama’s having dropped from his health plan the public health insurance option (which he had actually virtually dropped shortly after his coming into office: he had never pressed for it to be included; it was just a campaign ploy) was, in fact, opposed not supported by the American public, by more than two to one (66% to 27%), even after all of this confusion. The public, in other words, by more than two to one, wanted the public option to be included. They wanted to be offered that choice within the “exchanges.” All that Obama achieved by the weakness of his support for the public option was to lose political support from supporters of the public option (and that was lots of people), and to cause many of them to believe that failure of the Democrats’ plan would probably be better than passage of the plan, especially since no one knew what the Democratic plan would ultimately turn out to be. Rather than yielding to the American public on this matter, Obama simply caved to the Republicans and to the hospital, drug, and insurance lobbies on that issue, at the sacrifice of considerable public support for there to be a public health insurance option. health system ranks poorly. spends nearly twice as much per capita on health than other industrialized nations,” but “ranks 20th in life expectancy and has the third highest infant mortality rate.. ranks at the bottom on all key measures.” PWC left no doubt that passing really major reform of health insurance would be essential to restoring America’s international economic competitiveness. That same day, USA Today bannered “Poll: Americans Divided on Health Care Overhaul,” and reported that almost all of the opposition to healthcare reform was coming from Whites over the age of 65 the very same segment of the population which had voted for McCain, and for Hillary over Obama. President Obama’s pitch to those people was proving to be fruitless: Those people were afraid of being euthanized by their Government. They received Medicare (which Republicans had also tried to block in 1965) and still monlcer down jackets weren’t being euthanized; but, so what? These were people of faith; science was simply irrelevant to their opinions. 32% opposed; and SRBI, which on July 29th found 56% favoring vs. 36% opposed. The Quinnipiac poll sampled more than twice as many people, and the respondents were better qualified (2,409 registered voters, as opposed to just “1,002 Americans”), so the Qunnipiac poll offered by far the most reliable findings. public still overwhelmingly supported the availability of a public option. But in a corrupt country, confusion reigns, washing away facts, in a torrential flood of lies, and that’s moncler mens jackets what happened here. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler coats The “deathers” won. When NBC News, on August 18th, headlined “NBC Poll: Doubts Over Obama moncler sale Health Plan,” a key reported finding was: “Forty five percent think the reform proposals would allow the government to make decisions about when to stop providing medical care for the elderly.” This “deather” lie (along with big media’s general rampant distortions against the public option) would probably have sufficed to destroy Obama’s health insurance reform program, and thus his Presidency. The religious liberal Obama was totally unprepared for the religious conservative (or fascist) reality that he faced. The Quinnipiac poll, which was finding overwhelming cheap moncler coats support for the public option, also found that, by 52% to 39%, respondents disapproved of “the way Barack Obama is handling health care.” Consequently, there existed both a strong disapproval of Obama’s job performance on this issue, and an overwhelming approval of a public option. (In fact, the Quinnipiac poll found strong support for all four of their listed components of Obama’s health insurance reform proposal, and found the highest support of all for the public option the plan’s key component, and the only one which Obama was actually abandoning. Quinnipiac also found that though each of the four components was widely supported, support for each of the four was down from the month before. Obama was thus clearly on a downward trajectory.) Obama had “achieved” the worst of both worlds: public rejection in the face of very strong public support for each one of the four components of his plan. Obama’s failure on health insurance reform (the issue that was the decisive political battle of his entire Presidency) was simply colossal. The nation’s most gifted politician turned out to be a flop as a political leader, because he didn’t know how to talk about moral issues, but only how to avoid talking about them: he never even mentioned the real question here, which was: Is basic health care a right, or is it a privilege? Liberals didn’t have a clue about how to defeat fascism, because liberals were just a weakened and confused form of it: they were religious liberals, instead of religious moncler outlet store conservatives. The problem was religion. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet On 19 August 2009, President Obama finally, in a healthcare reform conference call with religious leaders, made his lame attempt to frame the debate on the basis of his conception of a progressive moral foundation: “I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper. And in the wealthiest nation on Earth right now, we are neglecting to live up to that call.” That’s all. He still didn’t know that basic health care is a right, not a privilege. He was a moncler outlet shocking bust, even when he finally made the attempt. He was a liberal, no progressive. This foray by Obama proved to be useless. Most of the little attention it received, dealt with his promise that there’d be no taxpayer funding of abortion under his plan. And, of course, the central question, of the universal availability of a public option, so as to provide competition to keep health care costs down, wasn’t brought up at all, much less presented by Obama as being likewise a moral issue for the nation to address. moncler outlet

moncler jackets outlet The best reporting of all on the health reform issue was a year later, by David D. Kirkpatrick on 13 August 2010 in The New York Times, headlining “Obama Is Taking an Active Role in Talks on Health Care Plan.” That newspaper’s management/editors controlled headline writing, but if the headline there had been honest it would have been something like: “President Sells Out the Public to Drugmakers and For Profit Hospitals.” Buried in the second half of this article was the real news here: “Mr. Obama and his top aides have immersed themselves in the Senate Finance Committee process. The president talks to Mr. Baucus several times a week.” In addition, Obama aides Nancy Ann DeParle and Peter Orszag were reported cheap moncler to be spending lots of their time in Baucus’s office. The deals that Obama had separately negotiated with the drug industry and the for profit hospital industry were described here. For example: “Hospital industry lobbyists, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of alienating the White House, say they negotiated their $155 billion in concessions with Mr. Baucus and the administration in tandem.. Several hospital lobbyists Moncler Outlet. said it was understood as a condition of their support that the final legislation would not include a government run health plan.” Evidently, hospitals were united with the health insurance lobby in opposing the public option, and the hospital lobby could talk about it whereas the health insurance lobby could not (Kirkpatrick didn’t even mention the health insurance industry). If the insurers were publicly associated with killing the public option, then even conservatives would recognize the venality behind the organized opposition to a public option. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets The reason that the for profit hospitals didn’t want a public option was not touched upon by Kirkpatrick, but it wasn’t hard to figure out: if a public option became tied to Medicare reimbursement rates, this would reduce insurers’ ability to suck the financial blood out of the public; and even if the rates were calculated simply on some cost plus basis, this would drive down the reimbursements they’d be receiving from private insurers, who would have to pay less than the public option rates in order to be able to survive competing against the non profit public option plan. This would drastically lower salaries and bonuses for the executives and board members at the hospital chains, which were huge sources of political campaign contributions. So, Obama was running the corruption with all of the health related industries, through Baucus’s office, and also by means of private meetings with industry lobbyists inside the White House https://www.moncleroutletsite.com . This news report in The New York Times (for readers who got as far as its second half) was the clearest early indication published anywhere of Obama’s corruptness and willingness to sell out the public in order to be able to compete with the Republican Party for corporate campaign cash. America truly had become a banana republic; the future cheap moncler outlet could be only yet more downhill from here. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet uk On 3 September 2009, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, whose “news”room was by now (after his recent acquisition of the paper) strikingly like that of Fox “News,” totally under Murdoch’s editorial control, bannered “Wrong Turns: How Obama’s Health Care Push Went Astray,” and portrayed the collapse of the public option proposal as being the result of grassroots opposition to it, which Democrats supposedly had known about since 2005: Focus groups back then had been organized and found: “Skepticism ran high. The chief worry: Giving access to inexpensive government insurance to America’s 46 million uninsured would boost costs, or reduce care, for those who were already insured.” No mention was made, by this “news”paper’s “reporters,” that, despite such beliefs on the part of conservative voters, all polls still showed that the public option was, and remained, supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. No mention was made there of the Republican scare tactics about fictitious “death panels.” No mention was made there of the nearly $100 million moncler outlet sale lobbying and advertising campaign by medical industries and by Republican PAC’s scaring the public against Obama’s “government takeover of health care.” No mention was made there of Obama’s real failure: his having cast health insurance reform as being an economic instead of as a basic moral, issue as “What’s in it for me,” instead of as “Basic health care is a right of all, not a privilege which only the economically well endowed deserve.” A selective presentation of “history” here, by the formerly reliable news reporting in the WSJ, conveyed a profoundly false impression of what had happened, and of why. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet store Above all, no mention was made there that the Wall Street Journal was lying through its teeth about this. The reality was: Giving access to inexpensive government insurance to America’s 46 million uninsured would lower the health insurance costs for all Americans. The reasons for this are twofold: First, by bringing into the health care system those 46,000,000 Americans whose only health care at present was via emergency rooms, which are super costly, America’s health care costs would go down. Second, by removing, from the cost of insurance, many of the expenses of marketing and advertising, the government provided plan would establish a new and lower competitive price level for each of the private insurance company offerings; they would be forced to lower their own enormous overhead costs: the exorbitant pay packages for insurance executives would plunge, and the remuneration of advertising agencies hired by them would also plunge, in order to keep up with the government provided offering. healthcare expenses. 3200 would result in a net increase in the federal budget deficit of $239 billion over the 2010 2019 period.” (The Senate bill was netted out to increase the deficit by less than $700 billion; there was, as yet, no “proposal” from Obama to calculate.) It was one lie after another, mixed in with unprofessional sloppiness from “journalists.” In fact, “Reuters also ignored CBO’s conclusion,. budget deficit.’” The AP and Reuters just sopped upk and regurgitated Republican Party assertioins as if they represented facts instead of lies; and Barack Obama failed to hold the press to account for its sloppy “reporting.” moncler outlet store

moncler outlet sale Mainstream “news” sources slanted their presentations to make it appear that valid reasons were causing Americans to supposedly reject the public option, and even to reject the Democratic health initiative in toto. For example, on 9 September 2009, the AP headlined “Obama Regrets Delaying Details for Health Plan,” and buried in their lengthy report some really sensational news about the leadership incompetency of President Barack Obama and of Senate chief Harry Reid, and the AP instead pretended that fiscal cost considerations were supposedly driving the supposed unpopularity of the Democrats’ plan. This story made no mention of such things as “death panels” as driving the public’s concerns here; those things were ignored totally. Much was said instead of “The first big blow to Obama’s health care agenda” being the CBO’s finding that “the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs.” moncler sale outlet Duh? That’s like an oxymoron for morons. Everybody except the sickness profiteers themselves wanted the government to do something to control health care costs. Meanwhile, the shocking authentic news in this article concerned Harry Reid and “a decision he and Obama had reluctantly made months earlier: to give six senators from small states, the so called Gang of Six [3 Republicans and 3 conservative Democrats, all of whom happened to be against the public option and were heavily in hock to health insurance companies and other health industry contributors], the time and prominence to fashion a bipartisan bill on overhauling the health care system.” “Bipartisan” that means corrupt. Sometimes, it’s buy moncler jackets necessary for a President to go directly to the public and explain how corrupt interests are blocking what needs to be done, and why they are blocking it not just participate in it by being “bipartisan” with the grafters. Obama had proved, by his actions not by his mere words that he was out to ditch the public option, in order to win “bipartisan support” from Republicans; but, of course, Senate Republicans instead just dragged out their fake “negotiations,” while their business contributors and fundraisers were filling the airwaves with bogus charges of Obama’s “death panels.” moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler Obama handed Rush Limbaugh and other Republicans the victory for which they yearned; and now, on September 9th, Obama regretted having done it way too late to be able to salvage any good reform of America’s health care system. Now, the Republicans had real control, and the chief result of any health care reform would inevitably be to force Americans to pay insurers’ exorbitant rates for America’s way overpriced health care. The Federal Government would be compelling individuals to shell out cash for medical kleptocrats to rake in. Doctors, drug companies, and health insurers, would now be able to charge whatever prices they liked, and the government would force Americans to pay it. 3200, reported out by the Ways and Means Committee” (which was only the latest version; it pegged payment to providers at “Medicare rates plus 5 percent”). It would cost “18 percent lower that the average for private health plans,” so “Premiums for the public health insurance option are estimated to be 11 percent lower than those for private plans on the Exchange.” This would be due to “10 percent lower administrative and margin costs” and other factors. cheap moncler

moncler sale America’s major “news” media were widely reporting as if fact the Republican line that the public option was unpopular with the American public, and that it faced difficulty in Congress because of that.. The public option is estimated to have plurality support in 235 of 257 Democratic held districts.. The public option is estimated to have plurality support in 34 of 52 Blue Dog [or conservative] held districts, and has overall popularity of 51 percent of these districts versus 39 percent opposed.” Here one could also see state by state support for the public option: for example, Montana, whose Democratic Senator Max Baucus was dead set against including the public option in the bill he was writing for his own Senate Finace Committee, favored the public option 49% to 41%. North Dakota, whose Democratic Senator Kent cheap moncler jackets Conrad was the most determined Democratic opponent of the public option, opposed the public option barely, by 46% to 43%. Maine, whose two Republican Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, were both committed against the public option, favored the public option by 62% to 30%. Arkansas, whose anti public option Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln was in a hot race for re election, also favored the public option: she was against it. Connecticut, whose independent Senator Joe Lieberman was almost as dead set against the public option as were Kent Conrad and Blanche Lincoln, favored the public option by 58% to 33%. (A large portion of Lieberman’s campaign dollars came from the insurance industry, which dominated in his state.) So, anti public option Senators possessed far greater trust in complying with the campaign dollars than in complying with and responding to the policy preferences (much less the interests) of their electorates. The lobbyist culture des moncler sale.

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