It took an all inclusive approach to national security

When will governments wake up to the terror threat

‘It is strange that a country like India, which had gone through crisis after crisis resulting from militancy, insurgency cheap adidas and terrorist attacks, should still be practising ad hocism in managing its security imperatives,’ says B S Raghavan, former member of the Joint Intelligence Council.

cheap jordans in china IMAGE: Six soldiers were killed in the terror attack on the the Sunjuwan military base in Jammu, February 10 11. Photograph: PTI Photo cheap jordans in china

cheap air jordan When, around that time, K C Pant was assigned by Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government the task of preparing a blueprint for the council setting out its functions and the composition, he found handy my two part article in The Hindu, published on August 11 12, 1989, in which I had drawn attention to the glaring gaps in India’s security policy planning and suggested the format of a charter for the Council to suit Indian conditions. cheap air jordan

An exchange of letters and a discussion between us followed, which led to the incorporation of the salient ideas I had been advocating. It is quite another matter that the NSC has not lived up to the expectations raised and has been in a moribund condition.

One of the very first projects undertaken by the NSC ought to have been the drawing up of a cogent and comprehensive national security doctrine for the country, taking into account not only the internal and external security environment and their inter linkages and implications, but also the Constitutional, political, social, economic, financial, scientific, technological and business and commercial dimensions of national security.

Cheap jordans The next anyone heard about any exercise relating to security cheap jordans online was the unveiling of India’s nuclear doctrine on August 17, 1999, by then national security advisor Brajesh Mishra. Cheap jordans

cheap jordan sneakers It laid down the ‘fundamental purpose’ of Indian nuclear weapons to be to deter the use and threat cheap jordans shoes of use of nuclear weapons by any State or entity against India and its forces. cheap jordan sneakers

It also declared that India would not be the first to initiate a nuclear strike but will respond with punitive retaliation cheap jordan sneakers should deterrence cheap nike shoes fail.

It was good as far as it went, but it was confined to only the nuclear aspect of India’s overall security framework.

cheap Air max shoes There was a sudden media flutter in March 2009 to the effect that ‘Forced into action by a dramatically changing security environment that has only worsened since cheap yeezys the Mumbai attacks (26/11), the UPA government (had) started drawing up a first ever national security doctrine’. cheap Air max shoes

cheap jordans online There has been no word since then as to the progress made in that direction. cheap jordans online

There has obviously been none for, on October 22, 2010, we find the prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, calling for an ‘enlightened national security policy’, with the cheap jordans on sale concept of contemporary national security being set ‘within a wider strategic and economic and social matrix’, and based on a ‘holistic appreciation of the inter related aspects and concerns impinging on a nation’s overall well being.’

cheap adidas He also stressed the importance of modernisation of ‘defence doctrines’, in view of the indispensable role of military power in buttressing the nation’s stability and strength, and its ability to defend itself against armed aggression or insurgency. cheap adidas

cheap nike shoes It is strange that a country like India, which had gone through crisis after crisis resulting from militancy, insurgency and terrorist attacks, surrounded by dangers inherent in confronting, on the one side, a neighbour aspiring for global hegemony and, on the other, a failing State flaunting a nuclear arsenal ever facing the risk of falling into jihadi hands, and other imponderables on the global arena, should still be practising ad hocism in managing its security imperatives. cheap nike shoes

cheap jordans free shipping Contrast this with the US where its NSC is vibrant and active and each president, on assuming charge, is required by law to make public the national cheap jordans china security doctrine that his administration intends to follow. cheap cheap jordans free shipping jordans free shipping

cheap jordans china For instance, the Obama administration’s national security doctrine had thrown overboard George W Bush’s policy of pre emptive strikes and regime change. It took an all inclusive approach to national security, integrating diplomatic engagement, domestic economic situation and relations among communities at home with military power to bolster America’s standing in the world. cheap jordans china

cheap jordans for sale President Donald J Trump’s administration is yet to come out with its formulation. cheap jordans for sale

A national security doctrine for India is long Cheap jordans overdue. A vision and mission statement of the kind will impart a sense of purpose and direction and a self regenerating momentum to organised efforts on that front.

cheap jordans from china It must embody cheap jordans in china the country’s larger policy goals in which the security doctrine, if it is to be both convincing and effective, has to be anchored. cheap jordans from china

It will be wrong to interpret security purely in terms of armaments, arsenals, weapons systems, and other military hardware, or to expect to quell insurrections, insurgencies and other outbreaks of unrest by applying force alone.

The processes of governance and the working of the State machinery should be so designed as to remove all scope for alienation or hostility driving people to resort to desperation and resistance.

cheap jordans on sale In view of the interconnectivities of the borderless, global village that the world has become, the national security of any one country is impacted by the conditions prevailing in other countries which, in turn, have a bearing on their security. cheap jordans on sale

cheap yeezys Environmental security is cheap Air max shoes a prime example of a situation where national borders, and even national sovereignties, are of absolutely no relevance. cheap yeezys

cheap jordans sale The eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallaj volcano in March 2010 and the traumatic effects of the multiple catastrophe that struck Japan in the same month in 2011 cheap jordans for sale had implications for the economy, and indirectly for the security, of the rest of the world as well. cheap air jordan cheap jordans sale

Stemming from the above reasoning, there is cheap jordans on sale a view that country specific approach to cheap jordans from china security has become outmoded, and the aim must now be to have a doctrine that encompasses the entire world.

In other words, the proposed new normal is that there must be a shift from a national to a global model of security.

cheap jordans shoes However, this may not be an acceptable proposition yet. For, even in an interconnected and interdependent world, each country has distinct security dimensions which justify country specific treatment. cheap jordans shoes

cheap air force Any security doctrine is predicated upon an exact delineation of the country’s security environment. Very often, security policy planners take the prevailing security environment as a given, and work around it while drawing up the security parameters cheap air force.

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