It was also a very relished period of time in which I could

canada goose coats on sale My Grandmother and the Canada Goose sale Saying

My Maternal Grandmother

canada goose black friday sale No one could ever accuse my grandmother of being idle. She fully subscribed to the old saying that “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

canada goose clearance sale In an earlier post I described how my maternal grandmother was left motherless at an early age and was boarded and taught in a convent school operated by nuns.

All three of the girls in the family could cook, clean and sew but as canada goose clearance sale each of them were stronger in some areas (or preferred some chores over others) when they lived together as a family they pretty well took canada goose uk black friday over that canada goose store main function in which each liked best or excelled. When she got married and started having children she could canada goose coats on sale use discarded clothing from other relatives and remake them into new outfits for her children and herself.

My grandmother along with others in that period of time survived the Great canadian goose jacket Depression and not much went to waste in those buy canada goose jacket cheap days!

Canada Goose online Another old saying.”A stitch in time saves nine” applied to her mending skills. If anything became torn or needed mending it was tackled before the problem became enlarged necessitating a bigger repair project. Darning socks Canada Goose online and mending was generally done at night when she could sit and relax.

canada goose deals In fact when she was sewing dresses for her two daughters and herself after she was married she did most of that in the evening and at night when she would not be interrupted by daily activities.

buy canada goose jacket cheap My grandmother genuinely loved sewing and creating canada goose factory sale things out of old or new fabrics. As already mentioned in that other post, she could go into a store and examine an outfit and then go home and make it. That creation would be better made than almost anything one could purchase. No unbound seams would be found on her outfits!

cheap Canada Goose After marriage she took classes in tailoring and even upholstery.

Canada Goose Jackets My mother and Canada Goose Coats On Sale her sister were some uk canada goose of the best dressed girls in school because of my grandmother’s talents in sewing. As her granddaughter I was also the beneficiary Canada Goose Outlet of some cherished things made by her for some special occasions.

buy canada goose jacket I vividly remember standing on her kitchen table as a young girl having her mark the hemlines in a new outfit for me. It was also a very relished period of time in which I could hear stories of past days when she was Canada Goose Jackets a girl and listen to her relating some of her unique experiences. Hanging in our guest bedroom today are two little framed needlepoint pieces of handiwork done by my grandmother of some “Petit Point Colonial Girls 8″ cheap Canada Goose x 10″ with an ivory background and an oval mahogany finish frame. The photos of the two girls of which she had completed a needlepoint were buy canada goose jacket portrayed. On the backside of the insert it had what appeared to be an etching canada goose of a full skirted woman doing some needlepoint. Under it was written “Beautiful Things Are Always Hand Made.”

canada goose Under that was the following wording:

“Needlepoint cheap canada goose uk with the glamour of centuries of tradition is the utterly fascinating handwork that has the added advantage of being the easiest of the hand embroidery stitches. It lends to canada goose coats the home a charm which cannot be equaled, turns leisure hours into interesting ones and at the same time creates useful decorative pieces of true heirloom value.”

canadian goose jacket The canada goose uk shop little dog needlepoint had canada goose uk outlet been used as a pillow in my grandparent’s home. I actually have a photograph showing that. When I got the piece it had been canada goose black friday sale disassembled and was simply a flat piece of needlepoint as was the floral piece that she had created.

We had them both remade into pillows and kept the dog faced one a small pillow as it had originally been instead of enlarging it into something bigger as we did with the other piece.

canada goose store My grandmother also did larger pieces of needlepoint that were used to cover some side uk canada goose outlet chairs. I have used place cards for some of our dinner parties and even learned some forms of calligraphy which I have utilized for writing our guest’s names.

Canada Goose Parka My grandmother far surpassed that meager way of assigning guests to their places at the table. Included here are a number of photos canada goose clearance of bifold place cards that she created. These are not even the best of her designs but the dregs of what was left long after she no longer entertained like she had in the past.

canada goose coats The faces of these girls on the front of the place cards were buttons that she had salvaged from men’s underwear. Yes there used to be buttons in years past on underwear! The men’s underwear had larger buttons than the more dainty women’s which gave her a larger surface with which to work.

Canada Goose sale Since my grandmother was a seamstress she always had a great number of scraps of fabrics left on hand that she could utilize for her projects. These “leftovers” became the designs for hats and the tops of dresses for these button faced girls that she designed for the place cards.

Canada Goose Outlet The eyes and hair were hand drawn. She glued pieces of fabric and inserted bits of feathers on the individually designed hats which appropriately matched the dresses. Just look at the different hat designs! It was painstaking work but being creative she must have had a lot of fun designing these charming little figures for the faces of her place cards.

There is Canada Goose Parka a receipt from Gimbels department store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that was kept with the booklet showing the colonial girls. The front of it shows Canada Goose Online a bill of $8.24 for 25 yarn and 1 needlepoint.

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