Little said that during the arrest

canada goose black friday sale Police wrestle Chikesia Clemons to ground

cheap Canada Goose White police officers in buy canada goose jacket Alabama wrestled a black woman to the ground in a Waffle Houseearly Sunday, exposing her breasts during the struggle and prompting comparisons to Canada Goose online the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks earlier buy canada goose jacket cheap this month.

canada goose clearance sale Yet local police maintainthat the three officers involved followed protocol and said the canada goose uk shop department is “not choosing to take any action at this time.” At a news conference Monday afternoon, officials said the womanand her friend wereacting belligerent inside the Waffle House in Saraland, north of Mobile, drunkenly yelling profanities at restaurant employees and threatening to return with a gun and Canada Goose Coats On Sale “shoot this place up.”

The incident which was caught on canada goose clearance sale a canada goose uk outlet video that went viral sparked a sit in at the canada goose black friday sale store Sunday afternoon and led canada goose factory sale to responses from the NAACP and some celebrities, even as Waffle House officials contested the details of the family’s story.

[Starbucks, LA Fitness and the long, racist history of America's loitering laws]

Thevideo shows Chikesia Clemons, 25, sitting on canada goose clearance a chair at the diner as one of the officers grabs her neck and right wrist in an attempt to subdue her.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “You’re canada goose uk black friday not going to grab on me like that, no,” Clemons tells the officer, who appears to speak to another officer off camera.

What happens canada goose coats on sale next is unclear. Thewidely circulated canadian goose jacket video of the incident filmed by Clemons’s friend Canita Adams suddenlyjumps to the moment when Clemons and the two officers go to the ground in a violent tumble. It is not clear from the video who initiated the struggle that forced Clemons and the officers to the tile floor.

Canada Goose online “What are you doing?” Clemons asks during the struggle.

Canada Goose Outlet “I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do,” an officer says.

canada goose The struggle continues, withofficers demanding that Clemons stop “resisting” as her breast is exposed.

canadian goose jacket At one point, an officer places his hand around her neck.”You’re choking me!” Clemons cries out.

canada goose coats The officer releases his grip when a third officer nearby gestures with his hand.

canada goose store An officer with his hand around Chikesia Clemons’s neck. (Canita Adams)

Saraland police officials said an investigation into Clemons’s uk canada goose arrest and the officers’ conduct began early Sunday. canada goose At the news conference, Detective Collette Little played the 911 call made by a Waffle House employee, as well as surveillance footage from inside the restaurant. Sunday, the employee said shewas told by one of canada goose coats her managers to call the police because two black females and one black male had entered the restaurant with alcohol. The customers were told that they were not allowed to drink the alcohol inside, the employee told the dispatcher.

Several surveillance clips from different angles showed two women, identified as Clemons and Adams, sitting down at a table. An unidentified male Canada Goose sale had previously entered the Waffle House andwent to the restroom Canada Goose Parka before joining the women at their table.

[Before video of a Starbucks arrest, images of lunch counter sit ins helped launch a movement]

After a few minutes, Little said, “the situation escalates between the patrons at that table and the employees.” The Waffle House employees ask Clemons, Adams and their malecompanion to leave the restaurant. Adams and the man can be seen briefly leaving the Waffle House. Clemons reaches the door, then walks back cheap canada goose uk to her booth to reengage with the employees. Adams soon returns, the clips show.

Canada Goose sale Soon, the three officers arrive one Canada Goose Jackets by one. In one of the frames, Clemons is seen being taken to the floor. Little said that during the arrest, the officers weretrying to handcuff Clemons “behind her back, which again is standard procedure.”

canada goose coats on sale Little said that one of the officers asked canada goose store Adams “if she will assist in pulling Canada Goose Outlet Ms. Clemons’s shirt back up. And Ms. Adams refuses.” The malecompanion then “asks permission to pull her dress up, and the female gives him permission.”

At that point, Clemons, Adams, the male friend and the three officers leave the Waffle House.

[Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial bias education on May 29 after arrest of two black men]

canada goose deals Little said that when the police arrived,Clemons cheap Canada Goose “appeared to be intoxicated.” Little said that Clemons “got uk canada goose outlet sick” after being booked. An image showed Clemons at the police station holding a trash can up to her face.

Canada Goose Parka Detective Brian Mims saidas part of the police investigation, he reached out to Clemons and Adams to interview them. Clemons did not appear for a scheduled interview. Attempts to reach Adams were unsuccessful.

canada goose clearance Mims said he interviewed the three officers as well as witnesses from inside the Waffle House, including six employees and one customer. Of those witnesses, two were African American and four were female, he said. All witnesses Canada Goose Online confirmed that Clemons and her friends smelled of alcohol and appeared drunk. One person brought a drink believed to be alcoholicinto therestaurant, Mims said.

The witnesses said Clemons and Adams loudly shouted profanities canada goose at the Waffle House employees. One of them shouted, “I’ll come over this counter” and threatened to beat the employee, saying “B, I’m going to have your job, you ain’t going to be here tomorrow.”

[Analysis: Starbucks incident is a reminder that 'liberal' companies with 'woke' leaders also have racism issues]

buy canada goose jacket One of the witnesses, according to Mims, reported hearing: “I may have a gun, I may have anything. I can come back here and shoot this place up if I need to.”.

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