Rodgers is hooked on stockpiling silverware and said: “It’s

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purse replica handbags Get Celtic updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe Parkhead gaffer is determined to maintain his flawless trophy record against Aberdeen in Sunday’s Betfred Cup showdown and match Walter Smith’s glory streak with Rangers.The Ibrox manager won seven trophies in a row in the early nineties while Rodgers has already racked up six out of six since coming to Scotland.Rodgers is hooked on stockpiling silverware and said: “It’s very hard for me to look at it in that context. Walter Smith was a brilliant manager up here and hugely successful.The Rangers record that Celtic can equal with Betfred Cup Final glory”I suppose I have always just tried to look to the next experience, as opposed to from a personal perspective.”Of course, you have something tangible to show for your work. What we have replica bags buy online created in the two and a half years so far has been special.”For me, it’s another great opportunity to experience that winning feeling again.”When I first came in to the club, I said that our objective was to win and to do it in the best way we can purse replica handbags.

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