The cops recognized this, and for weeks the citizens of Kiev

Apocalyptic Realities of the Ukraine Revolt

cheap jordans for sale Honestly, these anti government cheap air force protests and revolutions are all starting to run together. cheap jordans for sale

cheap jordans sale We’ve seen it happen seemingly a dozen times in the Middle East, and now it appears that every month the streets of some unstable country are filling with young people running from tear gas and setting things on fire. Well, have you ever wondered what it’s like to get so fed up with the system that you take to the streets, facing down tanks and machine guns armed with nothing but whatever random objects you can find around the house? We wondered that very thing, so we asked some people who did it. Successfully. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans online The activists we spoke to are from Ukraine (their protest, in a roundabout way, led to the Crimean crisis currently dominating every news cycle not dedicated to whatever Justin Bieber snorted this week), whose movement grew from a few people squatting in a public square to a force that toppled their government within just a few cheap adidas months. And they also realized that big marches through the streets were easy to disperse suppressing one meant nothing more than a day or two topjordanscity of bad publicity for the president’s regime. Building a giant fortress, on the other hand, let their numbers count for more and guaranteed that any government crackdown would be livestreamed across the world for days. And if you think we’re being silly referring to their fortress as “medieval,” well, here’s their catapult:One of them, anyway. cheap jordans online

cheap jordans free shipping But the wall isn’t what makes the fortress work; it’s the logistics of managing the functioning army of volunteers inside it. As one of the protesters (who we’ll call “Alexander”) said: cheap jordans free shipping

Cheap jordans “People have installed huge kitchens to cheap jordans sale feed everyone. The early protesters organized into several different camps. And each camp has their own thing. Some do kitchens, some specialize in being filled with a lot of strong armored guys to protect the perimeter. There’s even a camp specializing in IT: They have Wi Fi and a bunch of community tablets and laptops so people can stay in touch.” Cheap jordans

cheap yeezys As the months wore on, protesters organized their own free university:”Today we’re going to learn the history of trebuchets, and then use one on a phalanx of riot police.” cheap yeezys

cheap air jordan But on the side of the protesters were, among others, the people you’d think were least likely to take part in a hippie sit in protest: middle aged army vets with combat experience. As another of the protesters, “Alexey,” told us: cheap air jordan

cheap jordans on sale “Many of them were veterans of special forces, cheap jordans in china the Russian Spetsnaz. The first were veterans of the Soviet/Afghan war. they train every evening. They make shields, and they also have trophy shields that they took from the police.”Pro Tip: Stolen riot shields make surprisingly cozy pillows. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordan sneakers The presence of Afghan war veterans is important if you haven’t seen Rambo III, the invasion of Afghanistan was the USSR’s Vietnam, lasting 10 years and costing 13,000 soldiers and over a million Afghan lives. In other words, these people weren’t going to run in terror the moment they heard gunfire. The president wasn’t exactly popular in the first place, doing things like rigging his election, as well as cheap air jordan stealing $160 million from the central bank and using government funds to build a private palace complete with its own zoo. But this move to align with Russia over the EU was the last straw, and citizens who were terrified of winding up under Putin’s reign started to protest. cheap jordan sneakers

cheap Air max shoes As in any war, the supply lines are crucial. The barricades don’t hold themselves thousands of protesters eat thousands of pounds of food, drink thousands of pounds of water, and poop thousands of pounds of poop. They need supplies, waste management. in other words, they have to run their own functioning city. To keep cheap yeezys their fortress supplied, the protesters formed the Automaidan: car owning cavalry who ferried supplies where they were needed. To quote another activist we spoke to, “Olesya”: cheap Air max shoes

cheap air force “The Automaidan patrol the streets, they know where the police are which streets you can expect to see them at and when their patrols are scheduled for. If a car does get stopped by those police, they have a radio system, and they can call for reinforcements. Cars full cheap jordans online of protesters will swarm the traffic stop and start taking video and yelling whenever cheap jordan sneakers we catch them violating some procedure.”So they didn’t cheap jordans free shipping have time to decorate. It’s still more Road Warrior than anything you’ve done. cheap air force

cheap jordans china Olesya’s husband was involved in this continuing tit for tat between the Automaidan and the Berkut. At one point, some prisoners were being driven to a jail, and swarms of car mounted protesters surrounded the motorcade on the highway and forced the police to stop. The protesters jammed the road, blocked all exits, and mobbed the Cheap jordans police van with a sea cheap Air max shoes of angry humanity. They told the Berkut they could walk out, but only if they removed their helmets so the protesters could take pictures of their faces. It was a rare victory during a difficult time, and the Automaidan paid for it. A few days later, Olesya said, the worst happened: cheap jordans china

cheap jordans from china But the supplies kept flowing. In this brand new “wartime” economy, the two most valuable commodities were firewood (because nights with below zero temperatures aren’t uncommon) and tires. Try smuggling huge piles of either past a police checkpoint in your car to see why. The cops recognized this, and for weeks the citizens of Kiev couldn’t transport car cheap jordans on sale tires or firewood without risking a beatdown. For a brief time, Kiev was the only city on Earth where “felony possession of tires” was a thing. And just why are car tires useful? Well, it just so happens that you can stack a bunch of them up into a fairly effective barricade: cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans shoes “The Berkut were very close now. The whole place was disorganized, and a lot of the self defense force guys were missing. Berkut snipers with rubber bullets were shooting for the heads and abdomens of the Afghan veterans to remove them from the scene. At some point cheap jordans for sale we [civilians] realized that this was all on us. We had to stop the attack from progressing. The cannonade was nonstop. Something was exploding every second. Stun grenades and smoke grenades, mostly. The police had advanced right up to the barricade. cheap jordans shoes So the protesters decided to light the barricades on fire to keep them out.” cheap jordans shoes

cheap nike shoes The most dangerous weapon in the government’s arsenal didn’t turn out cheap jordans from china to be tanks or guns or even tear gas. Fire hoses, mounted on vehicles, made an ideal foil to both the “wall of fire” surrounding the Maidan and the protesters themselves. You take a hose soaking in below zero temperatures and try cheap adidas to do anything but freeze cheap nike shoes.

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