The incident won lead to any recalls as the vehicles meet

Nissan Motor Co., the Japanese carmaker that was embroiled in a vehicle inspection scandal last year, said it uncovered some instances of misconduct involving falsified data about exhaust emissions and fuel economy.The data falsification, which occurred on 19 models across five plants in Japan, was found out when the company was carrying out an internal check about employees conducting final inspection of vehicles, Nissan said at its Yokohama headquarters Monday. The incident won lead to any recalls as the vehicles meet catalog specifications for fuel economy and emissions, according to the company.Although the tests were not in line with Japanese government requirements, the incident based on what has been disclosed may not be as threatening as the emission scandal that engulfed Volkswagen AG. Testing of vehicle emissions rose to prominence globally after the European carmaker was caught fitting devices on its diesel vehicles that helped it overcome the standards.Audi CEO arrested, throwing Volkswagen into leadership crisis’Totally incomprehensible’: Revelations Volkswagen conducted diesel exhaust tests on monkeys, humans spurs outrageVolkswagen reaches $290.5 million settlement deal for 3.0L diesel vehicles in CanadaDuring the checks, Nissan found out that employees misrepresented temperature and humidity data in the testing chamber and manipulated emission data on carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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