This guy sold naked otm options

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canada goose clearance sale Options and futures, especially in commodities, are very useful for producers to hedge or lock in a price. Farmers can sell a crop for a defined price. Oil producers can protect against volatility (the price going down) by buying options. A lot of people think this is gambling but the products DO have a very canada goose outlet shop real use in industry. canada goose clearance sale

Similarly, stocks have options and many managers may use options to protect their positions from large canada goose outlet hong kong swings. They pay for this protection but it can save their skin.

But for every person using them responsibly you have people making huge bets and losing hard. I met a guy who blew up in NatGas about a decade ago lost like 6B for his fund (Amaranth Advisors). This guy canada goose outlet store near me here is pocket change.

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buy canada goose jacket TBF, Harry was given a boatload of money that he was unfamiliar with. Combine that with Hagrid supervision/chaperoning, and he was basically taught some level of financial responsibility from the get go. buy canada goose jacket

Since he had no concept of what he could do with the money, Hagrid and other guardian figures (who pretty much all had close ties to his parents, and thus had Harry personal welfare in mind) had significant influence over what Harry could/should spend his money on, thus ensuring a degree of fiscal responsibility.

It would been one thing if his parents had canada goose outlet houston left him a muggle fortune, but since he was unfamiliar with the money he received and its uses, he didn blow it on the wizard equivalent of hookers, booze cruises, and cocaine.

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It’s not. A Ponzi scheme relies on new investors and their money to award returns to existing investors because the returns are most fabricated canada goose outlet florida (or covering up losses). This guy sold naked otm options, got his contract fee and was generally doing okay in low volatility markets. Oil and gas swung hard this past month and his OTM naked positions were suddenly in the money and he had a FUCKTON of risk exposure. The volatility killed his fund and exposes the investors to actually canada goose outlet uk fake owing more than they lost.

The gas traders I spoke to said he was an idiot for having no risk mitigation or hedges in place to minimize the losses.

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canada goose store Everyone says treat mental health. The bare facts are if guns are a little harder to obtain it’d go a long way. canada goose store

America can’t even figure out how to provide reasonable healthcare much less dedicate significant resources to mental health. Canada is a country with freely available healthcare but mental healthcare here isn’t exactly easy to obtain. canada goose outlet michigan Seeing a psychiatrist outside of an emergency is HARD.

I say this as a person with two hand guns, an AR and depression. Guns need to have SOME base requirements like a safety course in my mind. Guns should be accessible, but educating a buyer, ensuring they know the laws, modernizing the gun registry to digital are all simple things that can be done.

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cheap Canada Goose Canada’s model is pretty good. It’s strict but fair. If you want a gun you take a canada goose uk site couple classes and demonstrate you know how to operate and store a gun safely. Then you wait a couple months for your license to come in. cheap Canada Goose

When you buy a handgun or AR it is considered restricted and there are some limits around where you can take it and how you store and transport it.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Also, close the gun show loophole. Any gun transferred by a private party must be done at the local police detachment and ID must be verified. buy canada goose jacket cheap

And finally, allow them to computerize gun records and search them. It’s stupid that it’s all paper based.

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Blame Thales if you want but I personally know senior members of ETS who pleaded to not combine the two lines because of all the canada goose outlet store calgary problems the city would have integrating them. The people in charge didn’t care and now you have a clusterfuck.

They knew signaling wasn’t working well on the capital line (look at canada goose outlet 111th street) and adding a new piece to it wasn’t going to improve the situation. They should have had a separate line for NAIT that you switched trains for.

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canadian goose jacket 6 months isn’t too early. There are builder rates which are higher and are guaranteed up to 25 months out depending on the lender. These are high but you can get a float down to an in market rate 90 120 days before. canadian goose jacket

Some brokers don’t do a lot of builder deals, some just don’t know. CIBC, BMO and RBC all have builder rates with guaranteed rates up to 18 24 months out. I’d suggest looking there to hedge your bets. Worst case you requalify with them or another lender closer to the closing but have peace of mind you have an approval somewhere.

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