This said, I live in a country a country of which a couple of

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buy canada goose jacket cheap It is just a version of the No True Scotsman fallacy.I think the fundamental issue is that it doesn matter whether the oppressive garments are cultural or there is no real difference, nor should any difference be afforded/privledged by law.The main point of wearing a burka if you don have to, is to announce to world that you are holier than everyone else, and therefore by implication, that others not so clad are inferior. It makes me angry to see women throwing the progress of centuries canada goose outlet uk sale in the face of our forebears, who struggled and occasionally died for the rights we now enjoy. I remind myself her response that they are victims of a brutal and evil ideology much more than anything else, but I fear that their casual contempt for women rights puts us all at risk buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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