Two years after meeting, we had a lovely civil ceremony on the

As we celebrate Canada Day, the surveys once again confirm the blessings of living in this land. News and World Report). Canadians are among the happiest people on Earth (ranked seventh according to a United Nations report), in part because we live in one of the safest places on Earth (ranked sixth, according to the Global Peace Index) and our cities enjoy the highest quality of life in the Western hemisphere (Mercer Quality of Living Survey)..

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Planes as pawns. There a new campaign, led by the Arab state of Qatar, to move the UN aviation agency in Montreal to the Middle East by 2016. The International Civil Aviation Organization, or ICAO, has been based in Montreal since 1947. Packing Foods Stock up on airtight plastic bags and collapsible food storage containers when you’re traveling with a toddler. The Transportation Security Administration allows you to carry solid foods through security as long as they’re wrapped, but if you’re traveling internationally and want to fly home with food, check the security requirements of any foreign countries you’re visiting. Don’t pack cold foods with ice cubes, which will melt and leak quickly.

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