“We just have to make our team extremely competitive

Trough 1 will have weakened and lifted north to off the New England coast by Friday night. Trough 2 is now forecast to strengthen and begin interacting with Hurricane Irene. It will also help bring a weak cold front into our region as the anticyclone continues to spin over the Colorada/New Mexico border.

The Living Well program at Ohio State is broken up into three phases. Living Well (Phase 1) begins with a medical review, a fitness evaluation, and personal exercise and diet consultations. This assessment is followed by six months of fitness, nutrition, and behavior modification classes; individual appointments with exercise physiologists, dietitians, and behavioral therapists and follow up assessments to measure progress.

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“This team is really good at whatever we’re working on at one particular time. It’s how you get them to connect that to the next drill, the next day,” Staley said. “We just have to make our team extremely competitive, so when we start games it’s a staple of what we do.”.

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