While taking credit for the amendment to the draconian laws of

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More than a few academics take umbrage, and secretly scoff, at the conceit of professionals in their field, that the latter can “retire” from practice into the classroom. The scholars note that the opposite is true too. A lawyer would be no more polite responding to a professor who wished to “retire” from the classroom into practice.

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Lately, I’ve been noodling with a game called Township. I’ve tried apps like Stormfall : Rise Of Balur, Clash Of Clans, Empires Allies, but have come to terms with the fact that I prefer to play the role of the ‘gatherer’, rather than the hunter. I’m not interested in attacking other players, for some reason.

In recent times, host cities have behaved in a manner that would greatly interest Indians because they have exhibited qualities that are very familiar to us. Even London in 2012. There was much self flagellation. The movie suggests almost no one has the appropriate level of self esteem. “I Feel Pretty” can be criticized as too rosy on the grounds that the power of positive thinking can canada goose outlet uk only get us so far. Indeed, it can even reinforce the repressive social norms it claims to challenge.

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